Serrano36 Madrid.jpg

Serrano, 36

The companies first asset in Madrid is located on the corner of no other than, which is considered the most prestigious retail street of the city. 

Our 413m² commercial unit currently hosts the IQOS flagship store, which belongs to the tobacco company Philipp Morris and recently refurbished it's store front, offering great visibility from two of the most important retail arteries of Madrid.

Passeig de Gràcia, 15

This building adorns one of the most prime locations in Spain, visited by millions of tourists each year. Its large boulevards and unique architecture are witness to the rich history of this country.

Our 527 m² commercial unit offers businesses a unique way to showcase their brand to millions of shoppers and currently hosts the new FC Barcelona flagship store.

Passeig de Gràcia, 27

The wide boulevards and its beautiful architecture transport us back to a time of opulence attracting millions of tourists each year. The street is known for its historic World Heritage listed buildings and luxury brand retail shops.

Our 792 m² commercial unit offers businesses a unique way to showcase their brand to millions of shoppers and is currently occupied by the Hennes & Mauritz brand named COS.

Caspe, 6-20

Our asset on calle Casp is located in the Eixample district of Barcelona, close to Passeig de Gràcia (Pl. Catalunya) and the metro station 'Urquinaona' which, within a few minutes connects to 'Glories' - the center of Barcelona´s area of urbanistic innovation. 

The building hosts one of the most important media channels in Spain (since 1924) "Cadena SER" - Radio Barcelona.


The office space,a total area of 3.457 m²
spreads over several units above the renowned "Tivoli" theater.

Vía Laietana, 47

Our Via Laietana asset is located on one of the most important arteries of the country, linking the historical Eixample district to Port Vell, Barcelona’s Old Harbor. 

The architecture of this building strongly represents the rich history of Barcelona´s gothic quarter.


Our commercial space hosts one of the largest Spanish banks. Banc Sabadell occupies three floors in a total area of almost 1.100 m². 

Paseo del Borne, 6

Our first acquisition in the capital of the island Mallorca is located on a prime corner of the cities most prestigious retail streets. Paseo del Borne is a very small shopping avenue, consolidating a high level mix of international premium and luxury brands.

Our 125m² commercial unit is currently occupied by the renowned catalan jewellery brand, Tous.

Calvo Sotelo, 14

Our first acquisition in the capital of Cantabria is located on a prime corner of the cities main retail street. It was previously occupied by one of the countries first renowned jewellers who, towards the end of 2017 and after a 183 year long history, vacated the premises for our new tenant.
The contrasting facade and brand new interior makes the asset stand out beautifully in the heart of Santander.

Our 211m² commercial unit is currently occupied by one of Spain´s largest telephone companies, Vodafone.

Gran Vía, 6

Tander's entry to the Bilbao prime commercial area manifests with the first asset acquired in June 2018. Itt is located right in front of the city's iconic BBVA tower which is currently undergoing a complete refurbishment to prepare for the new Primark megastore opening. The transformative actions being carried out in this section of Gran vía, promises to enhance the stability of the retail market. 

The premises has in a total area of just over 257m²

Guuk Arrasate 27.jpg

Arrasate, 27

In September 2018, Tander has acquired yet another gem. This time in the historic city center of the Basque capital, San Sebastian.

The asset is well known among locals due to its family owned retail activity which has lasted over 9 decades, located on a pedestrian street, in the heart of the prime retail area. Today the space is occupied by the phone company "Guuk".

The total area of 119m² includes a retail space of 60m². 

Travessera de Gràcia, 171

This petite asset is located in the heart of the "Gracia" district of Barcelona, known for its unique vibe and artistic community, where you will find many interesting boutiques, workshops, ateliers, local restaurants and cafés. You could almost say that Gracia is like a little village within Barcelona.

Our asset currently hosts one of Spain's largest banks - Banc Sabadell, in a total area of just over 155 m²


Avenida dos Aliados 107

Our very first acquisition in Portugal is located on a large avenue of Porto's city centre, which is transforming into the new luxury mile for high end retailers. 
We are proud to include these fabulous 4, newly refurbished assets into our portfolio and welcome our amazing tenants:
Burberries, TODS and Boutique dos Relogios who plan to open to public by December 2019.

The total surface of all four units amount to approximately 1.720m².


Avenida dos Aliados 107

Avenida Liberdade 203

In 2020 the company concluded a difficult and unprecedented year with a grand investment in 9 retail units located on the city's high street for prime retail. Some of the new tenants include the premium luxury tenant LOEWE as well as DSQUARED, who occupies the corner unit.

The total area of all 9 units amount to over 3.000m².


Avenida dos Aliados 107

Rua Nova do Almada 85

On October 30, 2019, Tander enters the Lisbon market. It has been an exciting step to embark with this new acquisition in the heart of Chiado, the most established commercial area of ​​the city.
We are pleased to welcome Springfield as our new tenant and we are proud to include this asset in our Retail High Street portfolio.

The total area amounts to 486m².



Via del Babuino 36

We are delighted to include this beautiful asset, set in a historic building within the heart of the prime retail market area of Rome, Italy. 

It is our very first acquisition in Italy and hosts the very prestigious brand "Tory Burch", which opened their first European flagship store in this very location, back in 2011. 

The premises is devided in 2 floors, with a total of approx 300m².